What our client say about us !!!

It is with great pleasure I recommend to you all the services of Uttaranchaltourpackage.com if you intend travelling to Uttaranchal. Our two-week visit was a fantastic experience. From the pre visit logistics, to our airport rendezvous with our guide and subsequent travel through out Garhwal and Kumaon Hills, this small company provided a personal professional service that I could not fault.

If you have any concerns with the financial logistics before you travel, please contact me for explanation and reassurance.

- Doug McCarthy, AUSTRALIA

Your organizational skills and your team have proven a great efficiency and made us feel all the way long, a great mix of feelings around passionate interest, good times together with safety and great comfort.

- Frederic, France

Uttaranchaltourpackage.com had provided us an excellent itinerary with a good balance between culture, nature, history and religion. The service was great, all resulting in a trip meeting our high expectations.

- Amit Bagwani

We write this reference for Uttaranchaltourpackage.com with a smile on our faces and much gratitude in our heart. Shankar and his team provide a very unique service in their attention to detail and their willingness to construct and deliver a custom itinerary. Our brief to them was to deliver a week of outdoor experiences which included trekking and white water rafting , a week of spiritual development which included meditation training from lamas and meeting reincarnations and week of cultural immersion( hot stone baths, staying in a farm house and so many hotels and the best part of all meeting so many locals.

We really got under the skin of this amazing this Himalayan state and this would not have happened if not for Shankar network of contacts and the project management skill of his staff.

- Viram Chunawala

Fabulous trip! Every detail was taken care of. Our guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. The organized activities such as Mountain Biking and rafting were an important part of my trip and a very unique way to experience with such an amazing country and culture.

- Indira Singh, USA

Our Pilgrimage Cultural Tour was very detailed and satisfying. Our guide was very knowledgeable warm and friendly. Our tour took us on mountain roads where precision, defensive driving was essential-Mohit made us feel so safe. Together they complemented one another when arrangements were made with information and how our individual needs were met. We enjoyed our varied lodgings, ranging from traditional Kumaoni traditional cottages with wood burning stoves, to more formal resort type rooms. At all times the meals and services were good to excellent.

- Shikha Patil, USA